Nov. 10 ~ 16


As the winter approaches and the days grow shorter, it would be a good idea to do something to lift your spirits. Think about everything that you have accomplished over the past year. You should also decide to expand your social network over coming weeks. You should pay close attention to both your old and new relations, and make sure all are nurtured properly.


You likely have many memories about this summer, both joys and disappointments. Some of the memories involve events that are still spurring you ahead with your life. It is as important to deepen your old friendships as building new ones. You should take an independent stance in your life, but make sure that you don’t turn off your possible friends. Above all, don’t retire to solitary indoors.


As you look back and evaluate your current position in your life and where you’re likely to go, it is very understandable that you feel that things happen too slowly in general. Once we decide something it very seldom happens that the chance takes place immediately. Pay close attention to your friendships, as there are many things that you can learn from them if you only listen.


Has there been a recent event that has made you extraordinary happy? Well, you can expect more pleasant surprises to come your way through the end of the year. Although you are busy, and never seem to have enough time, you still should try to find time for new interests and people. On the other hand, only one truly good friend is often more valuable than a thousand others.


Combining your work and fun could be a good idea if at all possible. If not, turn your energy to your home, and refresh your surroundings. You don’t have to wait for spring to enliven the atmosphere in your home. Some yellowish and pastel colors could cheer you up wonderfully. And you should spend this weekend out on the beach or on a hiking trail, preferably with good frirnds.


When you think about the coming necessary changes, you are easily tempted to push them to some undetermined point in the future. Even small changes can result in considerable uplift in your mood and spirits. Pay attention to your health, and don’t wait a new year to begin to do something about your physical condition. Go to the gym or jogging trail today instead of tomorrow.


We often think that it’s some mysterious and invisible hand of luck or destiny that decides our future. Although those two can have a role, every one of us has to create and choose our own path in this life. You can expect a chance to change your course in the near future. Remember that even the smallest of details can cause a giant change in your future circumstances of life.


Something could bother your mind this weekend to the point that it makes you splurge in your favorite junk food, and the hell with the consequences. But do not let rainy days to affect your feelings, unless the changes ahead are for the better. You have made some decisions during the past few months that begin to make themselves felt, It would be good to consider the effect on others.


Although you feel like staying indoors, it should not mean that you cut yourself completely off from your friends and outside world. The social media and even the old fashioned telephone are still there, and you have to communicate. Why not call up some of your friends and organize a house potluck party. Everyone would thank you for that, and all would be happier afterwards.


By renewing your own life circumstances you are likely to improve everyone else’s happiness, too. You thoughts could be stuck in the recent past, but you have to learn to let go, and start moving ahead. In other words, you have to wake up into now and today, and figure out what fun things you could start doing just now. Once you start your days like that, you will not go back.


Being a part of a group or community is on the forefront this time. This is not a good time to go into hibernation as the warm weather continues, and there are too many fun things to do with your friends. Romance is also in the air, so be ready for an adventure, and plenty of good memories. Do you still even remember how does it feel to have a really good time with your friends?


This is the right time to take care of a certain matter that you have avoided for some time. Reality is often not really as bad as you imagine beforehand. Pay attention to your health and especially your feelings. Pamper yourself a little, and concentrate on things that are likely to lift your mood, and in general allow you to feel right. That will benefit your health in every possible way.

13:04 14 Jul , 2024