Nov. 17 ~ 23


The mood this weekend and early next week is jovial and optimistic. Although nothing special may happen, there is certain warmth in the air. You are likely to hear news concerning your work that at first may cause alarm, but after a while you will come to realize that those changes are for the better. You should take a positive attitude towards you future, as you have nothing to worry about.


You should pay special attention to your human relationships. The warmth you feel towards people who are the closest to your heart is best expressed through action. Maybe preparing a fine dinner would be a good idea, or start planning a trip together to somewhere romantic. Being open and showing how much you care is a good way to strengthen the bonds that bind you together.


This time you have to prepare for a change. Those changes are mostly happening at your work, and they may well mean more work for you. That’s why it’s very important that you pay attention to your health. When you are not at work try to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends, and find something to do that keeps work-related thoughts at bay where they belong.


Meeting a friend could result in something special and very happy this weekend. The focus is now in your love life and romance. Maybe someone whom you have met through your work or among a gathering of friends is making your eyes shine. Put faith in your future but keep your antennas alert, as plenty of useful and valuable information comes to your way, but you have to be ready.


Your enthusiasm to prepare your home ready for the big parties of the yearend may be a little premature. There could be problems with all sorts of scheduling, or computers could be the problem. If you are planning a trip, you may have to change it. Check and recheck everything in the smallest of details, and make sure that every bill has been paid in time. That would take out a lot of unvertainty.


As you have been very busy lately, maybe something important has missed you attention. The same busy attitude may have caused your friends and colleagues to avoid communication with you. You have to makes sure that no matter how busy image you give out, people tell you what you need to know. Maybe nothing serious has happened without you knowing, but you have to be sure.


Pay special attention to your money. People tend to put demands very high when money is concerned, but most of it is unnecessary. When someone is pushing you with something you haven’ gotten to yet, tell them that even Rome took more than one day to build. The impatience of others is after all a minor inconvenience as it’s mostly the happy go lucky attitude that trumps in this part of the world.


You are eager to tackle challenges of the future, and that gets response from people around you. There are many people who want you to succeed, so you can trust on their help. But you also have to remember that no one can read your mind, so you have to open your mouth and ask for help when you need it. Just giving out some hints does not get you very far. Being to the point does.


You enthusiasm is contagious, and a source of inspiration to others. You can expect some quality time with your friends and family. Think, how often you give a helping hand to your neighbor or ask them to pay a visit. Do not postpone doing this all the way to the holidays. Some of them may be in need of a shot of encouragement right now. And sometimes you need a pat on the back, too.


Love and money are the two things that take your time over the next few days. They don’t necessarily intertwine, and could be completely separate issues. Getting together with friends could be more fun than you expect. Maybe plans for future leisure travel are a part of the picture including completely new and exciting ideas. The main thing for you is to make those gatherings happen.


Many people are now trying to get your attention, and sometimes to the extent that it begins to feel a real burden. On the other hand a close friend or relative who needs your help now, would be very thankful for your support. However, someone is going to ask you something quite embarrassing, and you have to think carefully how you handle it. Maybe it’s safest to claim you are too busy.


No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everybody. Try to find time to meet your friends but pay attention to your expenses. It is often more rewarding to get together in small group than make a major event. Smaller group also gives you more time to talk with everyone, and its often a good way to come up with new ideas, or find out what is going on. Don’t expect much romance this weekend.


22:41 25 Jul , 2024