Nov 24~30


The upcoming Christmas season is taking over your mind more and more, and you are perhaps thinking about shopping for gifts. You should make a decision to buy something useful to everyone and forego all kinds of trinkets. After a busy week, all you are asking for is a peaceful weekend. Take it easy, relax, take a walk on a beach and enjoy the company of your family would be the best recipe.


You have many new ideas in your head that you would like to push forward, but people with negative attitude could be on the way. At the same time, your imagination is running at over speed, and it’s unlikely that you would like to give up. Hold your stand and listen to your instincts. And before all, don’t allow pessimistic people who always doubt everything to stand in your way to delay your goals.


You should pay special attention to your finances and money this week. If you enter into an agreement of any kind, read the small print in the contract very carefully. Your lover would like to elevate your relationship to a new level. This requires a very delicate approach. If you end up in a tight discussion, be extra careful but, at the same time, try to maintain light and positive atmosphere.


You should be in a very good mood because you are in luck both in love and matters of money. You surely have noticed that the luck is on the side of the brave. You can expect your relationship with your companion to grow deeper because of a new common interest. Things seem to get into a little slow start, but later you can expect everything to pick up speed, almost without you even noticing.


This period is going to get into a nice start, but the mood can change quickly if you don’t pay attention o your spending. When shopping, look for special offers and demand discounts. If you have planned for a holiday, you should prepare a backup plan. Your destination could change on a short notice, as everything else in this world seems to change and end up on unforeseen paths.


Your self-confidence is likely to get an extra boost from a completely surprising development, but you have to keep and open mind and accepting attitude when you meet new people. This would be a good time to begin your planning for Christmas. A bad day could turn into sunshine because of an unexpected comment by one of your colleagues. This is something you could not expect.


The fall has finally arrived and so has the time to think about certain facts that you are facing. But do not draw conclusions in haste. Take your time to think everything through. If at all possible, you should postpone discussions with your companion that you know could be difficult of stormy. It’s not always easy to choose one’s words with care, but that would be of essence right now.


It seems that you have many people around you who can’t come to a decision. It’s not unusual at this time of the year in any way, but it’s frustrating. You should seek for refreshing new friends and engage in a lively party scene, as that would make it easier for you to proceed. You have a lively and straightforward character, and that is something that is in great demand just now. Take advantage of it.


Your presence is very much appreciated and you are an inspiration to those around you. Many people dislike this time of the year, but you can take all the best parts out of it. You should show the way to the others. It seems that you and your companion have a very warm connection. You should take a caution approach to a person who comes to offer you a new, so called never-to-be-missed chance.


Your head is overflowing with ideas and you are eager to find chances to make them a reality. Some people complain about the dark evenings, but in your mind this brings only a refreshing change to the normal flow of life. One of your friends or a relative needs your help with a problem. You should give this person the best advice you can, but you should avoid giving financial support.


A long-held secret comes to the light, which makes you think about the role of people around you. The question is, do you know them well enough to be able to start a serious discussion about what has happened. You can’t find peace before you know more, so your only alternative is to start asking. You should also think whether you are ready to take the next step in your current relationship.


This is a very lucky time for you. You can expect many unexpected encounters and romantic moments that will bring joy into your life. Although everything seems just falling on your lap without any effort on your part, you should make an effort to collect your family and friends together for a party. People enjoy your company much more than you had thought, and you owe them the pleasure.

17:28 11 Dec , 2023