Missing python found in Naha

A ball python that escaped its cage in a beauty shop in Matsuyama, Naha City was found it in the attic of the shop Saturday night.

The shop owner found his 1.5-meter long python after he heard a sound from his ceiling. The python that is not dangerous or venomous had somehow gotten out of its glass terrarium and climbed into the ceiling. After initially looking for and failing to find his snake, the owner reported it to police.

The owner said that he heard the snake making a scratching sound as it moved inside the ceiling, and used a deck brush and umbrella to coax his pet back to its enclosure.

Naha Police said, “It was good that the shop had no customers when the snake was found, and both the owner and the python are safe. Although the python is not dangerous, we would like the owner to watch his pet be more carefully from now on.”


06:01 15 Jul , 2024