Okinawa City Office receives bomb threat

Okinawa City Office has received a bomb threat. The threat came in an e-mail sent to the office on Monday (Nov. 21) that stated that there was a bomb placed in the City Office building that was set to go off Tuesday morning.

According to city officials, it turns out that there has been similar bomb threats e-mailed to city offices elsewhere in Japan. Officials say that at least 34 city ffices around the country have received similar e-mails. They add that they suspect that the e-mails were a malicious prank.

After receiving the e-mail, officials at the city office searched the premises but found nothing suspicious.

According to Okinawa City officials, the email was sent first to the Prefectural Office, from where is was forwarded to Okinawa City. The e-mail said that more than 700 bombs had been set at the Okinawa City Office and other public facilities in the city, and all would blow up at 10:30 Tuesday morning.

The city office held an emergency meeting and asked all schools and public facilities to conduct a search. The city hall staff checked the office in the morning and again in the afternoon, but nothing suspicious was found. The city office and all schools in Okinawa city did not stop work or cancel classes, and nothing unusual happened on Tuesday.


20:24 14 Jul , 2024