Okinawa men’s team wins Karate Kata gold medal

The Karate World Championships final was held last Sunday in Linz, Austria.

At the final group competition of Kata, the Japanese men’s team won France 5 – 0, while the Japanese women’s team beat Spain 5 – 0 both winning the gold medals, the first in two championship finals.

The men’s group consisted of Ryo Kiyuna, Arata Kinjo, and Takuya Uemura, all members of the Ryueiryu Ryuhoukai Group of Okinawa. All three performed perfect katas to win the crown. Kiyuna also won the singles’ Kata competition.

After the contest, Kiyuna stated, “I am so happy we were able to present our best performance on the supreme stage. I am much more honored to have won the group gold medal than my solo gold medal.”

Kinjo said he is happy, too. “I’m happy to have this reward for our efforts. Our gold medal came because of our joint effort.”

Uemura said they had been training hard. “I am happy to have the reward for our effort of training hard every day. We are going to aim at higher even goals in the future.”


22:10 25 Jul , 2024