Okinawans near bottom among online shoppers

According to a Japan Direct Marketing Association survey on the online shopping in Japan, the average annual amount a resident of Okinawa spends shopping online is ¥71,875 that puts the prefecture on the 45th place among all the 47 prefectures of Japan. That is over ¥40,000 less than people in Tokyo. Also, among people who ever have sent a gift to someone using an online shopping site, Okinawa residents are in the 47th place.

People living in Tokyo spend the most at online shopping – ¥114,025 per year. The second is Chiba with ¥109,750, and residents in Miyagi Prefecture spend the third most at ¥107,188. Ishikawa Prefecture is at the bottom with ¥70,488.

Mie Prefecture has the largest number of people who have ever sent a gift from online shopping site, where 52.5% of residents have done so. The second largest one is Tochigi, followed by Nara and Hyogo. In Okinawa, 36.5% of the residents have used the service.

On the other hand, 44.5% of people in Okinawa use smart phones when ordering goods online that is the largest rate in Japan, and at the same time, Okinawa has the lowest rate or people who use a computer when ordering online. According to Shinichi Yano, a researcher at the association, “The price competition and rebate system by the cell phone companies may induce people to increase the use of cell phones for shopping.”

The survey was conducted on the Internet in the beginning of September, among people who had used online shopping services within the last one year. Answers from 200 people in each prefecture, and 300 people from most populated prefectures, about 10,000 in total were used for calculating the survey results.


20:22 14 Jul , 2024