Orchids on Shuri street stolen one after another

The street running past Kinjo Dam in Shuri, Naha City, is also known as the “Orchid Street” as both sides of the road are lined with colorful orchids planted for citizens to enjoy.

However, the colorful flowers have not escaped the attention of orchid fans of other kind, those who want to enjoy them all by themselves. As it turns out, thieves have dug out the plants and carried them away one after another.

Kazunori Nakasone, the head of the Kinjo Dam Street Association, says, “There has been cases that the orchids were stolen in only a few days after they were planted. We hope that people would not steal them, and instead would be satisfied with only looking at their beauty so everyone could enjoy them.”

Kinjo Dam Street Association started planting the orchids about seven years ago in order to make the street a popular sightseeing spot. The street is registered as one of “The top 100 flower and green viewing sites in Churashima Okinawa,” and currently there are various kinds of orchids growing on about 200 trees lining the street.

A veterinarian, who has bought seedlings of orchids over about six years at his own expense to grow them along the street says, “I suppose tens of the seedlings have been stolen so far, for which I really feel sad.” Some of the orchids were rooted up. “Whenever I tried to take them back from people saw taking them, they talked me back in not so friendly manner, and I have had no choice but keep planting more and more.”

Nakasone said, “If people steal orchids, they should plant and multiply them twice or triple, and the plant them in public places for people to admire and enjoy.”


20:03 14 Jul , 2024