Urasoe Sogo Hospital to move to Maeda

Urasoe Sogo Hospital that has sought a place to move and build a new hospital to replace its current deteriorated building, has found a new site in Maeda, Urasoe City, to build a new hospital.

The government made a decision Tuesday to sell the site of a national civil servants’ housing in Maeda, Urasoe City, to Jinaikai, an incorporated medical institution that manages Urasoe Sogo Hospital. The formal decision will be made in a meeting of Okinawa Regional Council on National Property scheduled for Monday. The new hospital is expected to open in 2020.

Urasoe Sogo Hospital opened in 1981. In addition to the problem of its building deterioration the current location has a serious shortage of parking space. The hospital needed a lot of land of more than 33,000 square meters, and the national civil servants’ housing site has the space of 40,000 square meters.


23:19 22 Jul , 2024