Chatan starts 5-year entertainment project

Chatan Town has started a 5-year project called “Chatan Entertainment Park City Promotion Project” to develop human resources for entertainment events in the town.

About 30 graduates from the 1st term class are scheduled to produce “Chatan Mihama Performers Collection” that is a compilation of the project programs, and will present it at Mihama Square in front of the Ferris Wheel starting at 17:00 on Feb. 18th.

Project graduates Masatoshi Ono and Koichiro Hirara said at an interview in the Prefectural Office Wednesday, ”Our goal is to make Chatan more attractive for visitors with our entertainment.”

“Entertainment Park City” is a plan to attract more tourists and visitors by holding seasonal events, shows and attractions. Chatan Town, Chatan Tourism Association, and Depo Island have joined hands in organizing the “Chatan Entertainment Park City Promotion Organization” to develop human resources needed for the events as producers, sound technicians, and lighting engineers. The plans call for building up a network of artists to organize profitable events.

Admission to the first event scheduled for Feb. 18 is free. Eight artists, including Chatan native “Syakari,” will appear live on stage. For details, call 098-926-3380.

19:22 16 Apr , 2024