Horoscope 1/25~2/9

Jan . 15 ~ Feb. 09


It would be a good idea to slow down a little, as you have been almost too active for the first weeks of the year. You have a new idea, but making it a reality will take time to late spring. In the meantime you should concentrate on your love life.


You are feeling strange, and possibly can’t put your finger on the reason that causes it. It also does not make your workload any easier. You should think carefully about possible reasons, and then start taking steps to correct the situation.


You are now trying to catch the moon from the heavens, when you really should try to keep a low profile. You’re continuously learning something new that you like very much, but in romance some wrinkles could appear in the horizon.


You have to find a new source of inspiration somehow. You are facing changed circumstances, and you don’t seem to like it. You have to take your time to think whether you have made the right moves recently, and if not, how best to retract.


One of your friends will offer you a helping hand in a tricky situation, but you don’t feel that you owe your friend anything. However, you should welcome the support, as it’s going to be of a great help you. Buy a small gift to your lover this weekend.


An idea that you have had in your head for a long time is again coming to the forefront. You will recognize a few details that you have missed before but would really advance your plans. Getting on with your plan would also make your life easier.


Some small problem has troubled you for the past week, and lucky for you, it is a small problem while you are strong. This tells you that it’s the time for you to change some of your ways, and as you do, the problem will also disappear by itself.


You can expect one of your friends to tell you beautiful words that you have wanted to hear for so long time. You must feel gratitude towards this friend, as those words come from deep in the heart. It will lift your spirits for weeks to come.


At this time you are interested only in broad ideas and plans, and don’t care for attention in details. Just now, that’s the right approach for you. It’s better to make the big picture clear first, and only then start planning the details of the plan.


You are ready to face new adventures, although some money-related matters could feel a little problematic. Luckily, you have many friends who are ready to back you up when necessary. So, no need to pinch pennies, at least for now.


Someone is going to tell you a secret that will affect your in an unexpected way. Your mind will connect two facts that seem unrelated, but somehow this will give you a much better picture of your current situation and what to do about it.


You have many new plans in your mind even though you have not completed everything in the past. It would be much easier for you if you cleared up first the matters of your past, especially those involving romance. But it’s your decision.

03:59 10 Dec , 2023