Hijiki Seaweed Harvest Festival held on Camp Courtney beach

The best season to harvest hijiki seaweed is now, and the beach on the premises of U.S. Marines’ Camp Courtney was open to public on Mar. 11 for picking up hijiki. About 100 people from neighboring areas gathered on the beach for the occasion.

The ‘Hijiki Harvest Festival’ is held on Camp Courtney to promote better communication with local residents during the lowest tide in March every year. As Americans usually do not harvest hijiki, locals visiting the area during the festival can pick up more of it off the beach on base compared to other areas.

Although it rained on Mar. 11, people who gathered to the event picked up lots of the seaweed. A woman who participates in the event every year said, “We can pick up hijiki only this season, so we came here today with the whole family for the harvest, and will distribute it to all of our relatives including those who live on remote islands.”

19:19 14 Jul , 2024