Bags made of Ryukyu textiles on sale at Ryubo

Ryubo Department Store in Naha is presenting a new limited edition line of bags made in collaboration with PORTER, one of the most popular Japanese bag brands, at Ryubo Department Store in Kumoji, Naha. The bags are made incorporating traditional Okinawan crafts.

The line of products that includes tote bags and rucksacks is sold under the “RYUKYU × PORTER” label through this weekend at Kumoji Ryubo. The items are partly made of Ryukyu Bingata, Shuri Ori, and Ryukyu Kasuri textiles that are all traditional crafts from the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Only 720 items will be for sale.

Ryubo Industries, the parent company of Ryubo Department Store created the idea for the bags, and contracted PORTER to make the original products.

Sachiko Yafuso, the Chief Director of the Ryukyu Bingata Business Association, Misako Azama, the Chief Director of the Naha Traditional Textile Business Association, and Yaeko Nohara, the Chief Director of the Ryukyu Kasuri Business Association, introduced the product line at the opening of the sale.

The tote bags made of canvas fabrics are covered with Bingata, Shuri Ori, or Ryukyu Kasuri. Avaiable colors are navy, khaki, navy/yellow and orange/white and they come in large, medium, and small sizes. Prices range from ¥16,740 to ¥20,520 including tax.

Rucksacks are made of cotton and nylon, with Bingata, Shuri Ori, and Ryukyu Kasuri cover outside. They cost ¥24,300 including tax.

14:09 14 Jul , 2024