Creed Okinawa secures first naming rights for prefectural facility

Creed Okinawa Corporation, a building maintenance and security company with the head office in Urasoe, was awarded the right to rename Nishihara Marine Park as “Creed Nishihara Marine Park”

A renaming ceremony to unveil its new name was held on Apr. 22 to coincidence with the beach season opening at the Kira-kira Beach in the park.

Creed Okinawa Corp. that is in charge of managing the facility, obtained the naming rights from Okinawa Prefecture this March for ¥1,269,000 per year.

Yoshinobu Tamaki, the CEO of Creed Okinawa, stated, “I would like to make the facility more familiar to people of Okinawa.” A representative of the park said, “We plan to use the money from the naming right to improving services for facility users.”

This is the first time the naming rights for a prefecture-owned facility has been sold. The next one will be the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park in Awase that opens its naming right for bids in May.

11:15 29 Nov , 2023