Fraudsters milk ¥54 million from elderly man

Two fraudsters, one pretending to be a police officer and others claiming to be officers at a financial institution, deceived a 69-year-old man from Naha City to hand over a total of ¥54 million in cash on several occasions between Apr. 1st and 10th in what Naha Police say is the largest case of its kind since they started recording fraud cases in 2010.

According to Naha Police, the man received a phone call from two men who introduced themselves as a police officer and staff of a financial institution, saying, “A false bankbook with your name on it was found. There is a possibility that your account is in danger, so you need to withdraw all of your deposit.”

The man trusted the two and did what they said after which the two men called again, insisting, “The cash you withdrew may be fake bills. We will send a man to take your money for investigation. Please keep it a secret.”

By April 10th, the two men who introduced themselves as police officers visited him several times, and took the cash from the him on a street near the his house.

When the man could not contact them any more, he called the police on April 12.

23:23 22 Jul , 2024