Moromi vinegar with new flavors sold as super-food

Moromi vinegar, known locally as “moromisu.” Is a by-product of awamori making that has long been sold as a health drink on local markets. It has been especially popular among middle-aged and elderly Okinawans, although less attractive to younger generations.

Now four local awamori distillers are collaborating to change that with developing a new type of moromi vinegar by adding sweet flavors to it. Their plan is to market the new varieties as a kind of “super drinks” that are good for health and beauty. The idea is to make moromi vinegar an item “to be beautiful from inside” with added flavors of pineapple and shiqwasa aimed at young women.

The four awamori makers cooperating in the project are Gaia Bussan, Sakiyama Shuzo Sho, Chuko Awamori Distillery, and Helios Distillery. The four began selling the products at “Beauty Week Sekaino Karadani Iimono Market” held at Ryubo Department store in Naha from Apr. 11.

Moromisu is nutritious containing plenty of citric and amino acids, however especially young people do not like its specific smell of rice malt. The new moromisu products come in four flavors – pineapple, shikuwasa, monascus, and sugar cane, with the price tag of ¥2,300 per bottle (excluding tax).

14:34 10 Dec , 2023