Ryukyu king’s authentic crown on display at Pref. Museum

The authentic original crown of the king of the Ryukyu Kingdom that the king used in important royal ceremonies during the Ryukyu Kingdom era is on exhibition at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum in Omoromachi, Naha, through May 10.

The crown is 18.4 cm tall, 21,8 cm in diameter and weighs 605 grams. It’s decorated with 288 ball-shaped jewels of 7 different kinds and pieces made of gold, silver, crystal, and coral. The gold hairpin that kept the crown in place when worn features a dragon relief on one and that was the symbol of the king.

A special Chinese-style dress of the king is on display together with the crown.

The Prefectural Museum usually has a replica on permanent display, and the real crown is on display only during 15 days in spring and fall every year. However, the real crown will not be on display this fall as it’s scheduled to be at another exhibition inctead.


14:17 10 Dec , 2023