Close AKB48 General Election venue concern to sea turtle egg nest

In response to concerns that a sea turtle egg nest was found on Chura Sun Beach in Tomigusuku, the venue of the “AKB48 General Election” this Saturday, the management company of the event announced on its official website the measurements taken to protect the nest.

On the day of the election, the company will ask participants to keep out from the area where eggs are located. The area is in the different part of the beach, and the “Sea Turtle Association of Japan” and “University of the Ryukyus Sea Turtle Club” are posting personnel to watch the site around the clock.

Officials at the management company think that, “The AKB48 General Election will have no effect on the sea turtle eggs, because, first the election venue will be used only on daytime, two, the venue will be managed and closed after 10 p.m., and third, the election will be finished by 10 p.m.”

About 100 sea turtle eggs were found in a nest on the beach on June 4th. The eggs are expected to hatch in two months. The nest site was enclosed with signs to keep out, as of Tuesday.

According to Motoki Wakatsuki of the Sea Turtle Association of Japan, “We expect more sea turtles to come and lay eggs again before Saturday, and there is a great concern that the construction at the AKB48 venue would affect it.”

The association will organize a night guard when needed. Wakatsuki says, “As the nest site and the venue are so close each other, we would like to have much discussion with the event management.”

20:00 14 Jul , 2024