OkiPark Vol.10 Kaigungou Park (Navy Underground HQ Park)

Kaigungou Park is located in the same area as the Kaigungou (Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters) site in Tomigusuku City. “Kaigun” means “Navy”, and “gou” means “bunker” in Japanese. The Navy Underground Headquarters is a deeply historical place, but the Kaigungou Park is very popular among Okinawan children and families, because it’s a large park with various play equipment. Specifically, its extraordinarily long roller slide is very unique and popular. It’s fun even for adults. There is also a play area suitable for infants where parents can feel safe for their small ones.

Open: 8:00 Close: 19:00

236 Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku city

20:21 14 Jul , 2024