Population of Nanjo City increasing

The population of Nanjo City, a southern Okinawa municipality in its 11th year of existence after the merger of four municipalities, is increasing. For a while its population decreased, but last year it increased by 340 reaching 43,230 by the end of March. The city currently has 16,982 households.

By region within the city, the population in Ozato increased most, by 328. Sashiki had an increase of 62.

Okinawa Prefecture enforced “Nanjo City Plan” in 2010. Based on the plan, Nanjo City made a breakaway from Naha-wide city plan area, and it became possible for the city to plan land use independently. Since then, Nanjo City has proceeded with its own city projects developing and maintaining residential areas.

In Ozato, the largest population increase has been in Shimabukuro Ward where the number of residents increased by 222. The area is vibrant, and many new apartment buildings have been constructed. There are many people who grew up in the area who have returned to their hometown and built their own houses re-starting their lives.

In Wakinaguni Ward in Ozato, the population has also increased by 70, and in Tsuhako Ward in Sashiki, the population increased by 66.

But Tamagusuku and Shikiya wards have seen their populations decreasing. Nanjo city planners now say, “We aim to increase our total population to 45,000 by the end of fiscal 2018.”


11:39 15 Apr , 2024