Tomigusuku is fastest growing city for 2nd consecutive year

According to the growth ranking of nation’s cities published as the “City Data Pack 2017 Version” by Toyo Keizai Inc., Tomigusuku City was the fastest growing city in the nation for the second consecutive year.

The growth rate is calculated using various data that includes population, income, and major indicators of the industry, among other factors. The survey covers 791 cities nationwide and 23 wards of Tokyo.

According to Toyo Keizai, Tomigusuku has a fertility rate of 2.03 (from 2008 to 2012) that is higher than national average, and its residents include a high percentage of young people. Tomigusuku is overwhelmingly strong in its consumption index that is in the 3rd highest, and its industry index is in the 1st place among nation’s cities.

Many of other cities in Okinawa ranked in top 20, including Nanjo in the 8th place, Miyakojima City in the 11th place. Itoman in the 16th place, Okinawa City in the 18th place, and Uruma City in the 20th place.

The growth ranking is calculated from data like the city’s population, number of households and offices, income, consumer spending, tax revenues, and major indicators of the industry. It also indexes the growth rate of the past five years.


00:43 26 Jun , 2024