Exhibition showcases history of embroidery in Koza

Representatives of a group compiling the history of Okinawa City are holding an exhibition titled “Kichinoarumachi – Koza to Sishuten” showcasing the history of embroidery in the city. The exhibition runs through July 30 at “Histreet 2” Okinawa City street corner data hall,

July. After the war, embroidery became popular among U.S. civilians, and there were 17 embroidery stores in the city from 1960 to 1975, the period of Vietnam War. In the exhibition, a collection of embroidery, including rank insignia, unit emblems, and embroidery decorated uniforms, are on display.

According to documents that are a part of the exhibition, embroidery stores were concentrated mainly on the Gate 2 Street and Center Street areas. These stores became popular among U.S. civilians for their high quality and large variety of intricate embroidery. The number of stores started to increase in the end of the 1950’s, and their products were also sold in military stores on the bases.

After the Vietnam War, embroidery business started to decline because the Japanese yen became stronger, and the store owners grew older. However, some of the stores still exist, most notably including “Tiger Emb” that once used to supply orders from NASA.

For details about the exhibition, call to Histreet 2 at 098-929-2922.


14:03 29 May , 2024