Jul 6 ~ 12


Helping others does not always earn kudos or appreciation. Sometimes people even think is as a given. However, you should do the best you can, and then move on. Try to understand what those others are going through, be flexible and don’t judge them based on your own feelings. Just do your best, as you usually do, and that will be all that’s expected on the long run.


Needs of your friends and family are on the forefront during this period. Although their wishes are not very big, catering to them will still take your time. That’s way it’s important to organize your time properly. At your work, you should be ready to take the initiative. The braver and outgoing stance you take, the more satisfied you will be with the end results.


Do you want to avoid disappointments? In that case, you should not try to please everyone! It’s a fact that you can take care better of some matters if you postpone them to next week. Thinking of alternative ways to approach a problem could have a big impact on results and time you spend. But do not forget to pay attention to your social life regardless of hoe busy you are at work.


Matters related to money and finances could sometimes be tiresome. In any case, however, you need a long-term plan. A thought of getting a partner in business could be attractive, but you should never forget to take care of your own benefits. People respond better when they feel important and appreciated. Forgetting this is a guarantee that you will be disappointed at some point.


Risks regarding your job you have been afraid of will not necessarily become true, but nevertheless, some smaller conflicts could be in the horizon. The best way ahead is to stick with your original plan. You could encounter some impatient people, and that would require you to use your skills in negotiations. Explaining everything in a calm manner could do the trick.


By throwing old ideas out of your mind allows you to make space for new thinking. Many things will become clear when you combine lessons from your experience to those of others. It’s clear that you have not used your charms and abilities to the fullest to advance your career towards your goals. Some small change in your appearance could also give your cause a boost.


If you are longing for a quiet period in your life, you could be in for a disappointment. People who at first looked to you dull and boring could prove to be just the opposite. There are some who seems to be lost, and you can show them a way ahead. This weekend you could be surprised by a spontaneous beach party that some of your friends suddenly decide to organize.


To have something to go wrong or that you have to change something are two different things. Being flexible just now is the key to your future success. When it comes to romance and matters of heart, it’s best to let events to take their course and not to push in any way. Your willingness and ability to change your mind in small matters is a good way to limit your stress levels.


You have many interests, and you are not hiding it. You probably know it, but many people appreciate a little more reserved attitude, and you should work on tuning your enthusiasm down at times, or at least learn not to show it so much. Stress at your work often has a negative impact on your love life. You should tell this to your lover. Being more open could help you both.


Human relationships could be confusing. Here’s one special relationship that has given you much to think about, but now you can look forward for everything to become clear. A secret is likely come to your knowledge this weekend that surprises but does not shock you. That will also give you an answer to some questions, and at the same time, awakens an old dream.


Sharing a secret wish with someone special could cause a surprising reaction, but you should not worry, as some people are looking more for an explanation than a solution. You must be firm but honest in this situation. Some people and situations you found desirable before, might not be suitable for your needs any more. That’s why you must be ready for new plans.


People who can’t make up their mind could be irritate you, especially when you are busy, but that should not stop you on your tracks. There could be changes in the way you work. You can finally look forward to figuring out a way to avoid people who simply drive you up the wall, the types who always want to make everything too difficult and use that as an excuse to do nothing.

18:27 05 Dec , 2023