Jul 13 ~ 19


The past is reminding you how good you have it just now. But maybe you should not think that all your mistakes are the thing of the past. However, you will have a chance to show your experience and wisdom with your actions and discussions this weekend. Use this opportunity to clear up misunderstandings and debts you have accumulated over the previous year.


It would be a good idea to seek the company of right people. Look for those who understand who you are and what you need. One of your friends is about to move away, and you will miss that friend, but don’t be sad. This is the right time to take charge of your life circumstances. Your expectation proves to be true this weekend, but be ready to change your mind.


This weekend is going to be very busy, and things would only calm down after Sunday. You will have a change to have a close look at people you love most but be ready for a surprise. Especially younger ones need your attention, even if they insist otherwise. There’s romance in the air, but if you want to continue an intimate relationship, you must invest in it now, not tomorrow.


One of your family secrets makes you to remember the old days. You could discover something new about one of your relatives, but before you tell this matter to others, you must think carefully about consequences. The destiny is going to show its face masked as a chance event, but you should make sure you understand what is happening and why before deciding.


Love is going to be a part of your life for the rest of thee month. However, you have been romantically rather the giver than the receiver, but this weekend someone is going to approach you in a way you have desired. Do not let the surprise confuse you. Instead, take a soft and romantic approach, and enjoy. Love is a strong feeling, and your feelings are as steady as a mountain.


Passion and caring are the key words for this weekend. You want to make people around you happy, but you must remember that you can’t please everyone. Do not take that as a personal affront. Take a careful look around, and you will see that you are appreciated, even if that is not always clear. Sometimes you must go into a little trouble to reach your loved ones.


This weekend could be full of secrets and passions. Your family could give you a surprise, and you would ask, why you did not know about all of this. Maybe the reason is that everything has happened a long time ago. It’s fascinating for you anyway, as sometimes the past is more exciting than the future. It all depends on your own expectations, and how you see it.


Do you feel that something is holding you back? There could be a good reason for it. Not thinking everything through could cause you real trouble. The stress you are under is going to ease up in a couple of weeks, so try to be a little more patient than usual. Let others worry if they so choose. You should see past the tip of your nose. Lady luck is with your now.


Surprising and unexpected winds of romance are blowing your way this weekend, and it would be a good idea to make sure you look your best as there could be someone special waiting around the corner. You don’t have to worry about your energy, so take a brave step towards the most romantic time in your life. Someone is making your heart pounding hard and that’s a good thing.


Now is the time to change your love life for the better. This is important especially over the weekend, as something almost magical could take place. Concentrate on this, as it helps your emotions to recover in a completely new way. A romance at your work is not likely to last. You may have to give in to someone hardheaded, although that would not please you at all.


Money and talk go hand in hand this time. Make all you can of the opportunity to get your voice heard whether it’s regarding a big business deal or buying new furniture. If you stand firm and are confident, things will go your way. Make sure you reserve time for romance during the weekend. Love is your everything and that gives you power and energy to live your life.


Take responsibility of your finances and make sure that everything goes the way you want. If you let your feelings take over your reason, all is sure to go down the drain. Many people are going around spreading wrong information regarding you, but you should ignore them. This weekend promises to bring romance, so you can forget about trouble and have fun.


18:49 14 Jul , 2024