Nakijin vineyards tout earliest grape-picking Japan

Two vineyards in Nakijin tout the earliest purple grapes ripe for picking in Japan. Starting this weekend, Komesu and Ishikawa vineyards in Nakijin invite visitors to enjoy picking of the earliest ripe grapes in the nation.

65-year-old Junji Chinen, who came to taste the early grapes with his wife from Nanjo City, said, “I’m surprised that grapes are bigger than I expected. They are sweet and juicy.”

According to Kiyotomo Komesu, the owner of the vineyard, “We have a good crop of grapes this year. I am happy that visitors enjoy eating them.”

For details, please call to Komesu vineyard 090-1940-9413, and Ishikawa vineyard 090-6869-0768.

09:56 30 May , 2024