Nippon Hyakkaten Okinawa Market now at Ryubo

“Nippon Hyakkaten Okinawa”, a kind of market event offering for sale a variety of superior quality items and foods from every region in Japan, is currently being held on the 6th floor of Ryubo Department Store in Palette Kumoji Building, Naha.

On sale is a large variety of Japanese goods, including traditional cut glass, tin toys, quilted clot purses and bags, tea towels, as well as cherry Swiss rolls, brandy cakes, amasake (sweet drink made from fermented rice), dried seafood, naturally brewed soy sauce, and more. Customers can also participate in several workshops, like “Tsumami-zaiku”, traditional pinching craft of Japan, or making a postcard decorated with metal foil, among others.

The market will run through July 10th, from 10:00 to 20:30 every day except on the last day when it closes at 17:00.

For details, please visit their Japanese language website.


03:10 10 Dec , 2023