Okinawa’s 1st Arm Wrestling Competition slated for July 23

The 1st Okinawa City Mayor’s Cup Arm Wrestling Competition is scheduled to take place at Music Town Sound Market in Uechi, Okinawa City, on July 23rd. The contest will be the first ever officially sanctioned arm wrestling competition in Okinawa.

Jun Yonaha, one of the members of the competition executive committee says, “In arm wrestling, it’s possible that a small man beats a big man. It’s also fun to watch the game and the gamesmanship of competitors. We hope that as many people as possible would come to watch.”

The competition invites anyone who thinks what it takes to participate. Competitors are accepted on the day of the competition. The champion will qualify for the national competition and rceives award.

The contest starts at 1 p.m. Admission to the venue is ¥2,000. Tickets to the event are sold at door.

The participation fee is ¥4,500. For participation, please call Mr. Yonaha at 090-6420-4959.


22:46 20 Jul , 2024