Company offering funeral service for pets opens in Okinawa City

“Pet Sousai, eien no ie Magokoro,” a company offering funeral services for pet animals is opening for business in Misato, Okinawa City, on Aug. 1st.

According to Kazuhiko Nakasone, the president of Magokoro, people think their pets as family members, not as animals. “We offer variety of funeral services for pets, as many people think their pet as one of the family members, and want to depart with it with respect when the time comes.”

Reportedly, this will be the first business of its kind on Okinawa. Nakasone says he had a dog when he was a child, and could not have a funeral for it when it died. He added, “It’s soothing to say goodbye to your beloved pet animal in a way you wish to.”

Magokoro also operates a kennel for animals. For details, call toll-free 0120-130-556.

22:58 25 Jul , 2024