JTA produces virtual reality video of Okinawa Oceans

Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd. is producing a virtual reality video that can be viewed on its flights through its onboard Wi-Fi in November.

The service will be available on the aircraft with a whale shark design painted on the fuselage that will enter service from November. The video is a two-minute clip showcasing Okinawan nature, including whale sharks, clown fish, pink jellyfish, and corals in a fantasy world. JTA hopes to promote Okinawa to its flight passengers while they travel to Okinawa.

With new technology by a Canadian company, passengers can enjoy the 360-degree VR video through smart phones connected to the VR glasses. The video can be seen without downloading an application.

According to a JTA spokesman, this is the first time in the world that a VR video is available with no downloading of an application necessary. It will be available for free only on JTA aircraft.

14:23 10 Dec , 2023