Franklin Shinzato faces first day in court today

The first day of the trial of 33-year-old Kenneth Franklin Shinzato, an ex U.S. Marine Corps, is charged of rape resulting in death, murder, and abandoning a corpse, is held at the Naha District Court today.

The defense reportedly plans to admit to the charges of rape resulting in death and abandoning a corpse, but to deny the charge of murder, arguing “there was no intention to kill.”

According to the indictment, Franklin a the woman walking on the street in Uruma City with a stick at 10 p.m. on Apr. 28, 2016. He is then accused of strangling her by the neck with both hands, raping her and stabbing her with a knife, resulting in the death of the victim.

Inspectors pointed out that Franklin committed the crime for the purpose of rape, and claims he intended to be violent and committing murder at the stage when he hit the woman with the stick.

The issue is whether he would be charged with murder according to the law.


20:42 14 Jul , 2024