OkiPark Vol.19 Nishizaki Shinsui Park

Nishizaki Shinsui park is a part of the Nishizaki Athletic Park in Itoman City. The park is very large, and ts name “Shinsui” means “water friendly”.

The Nishizaki Athletic Park includes an athletic field, baseball field, gym, recreational pool, tennis court, sumo ring and kids’ playing field that is called Shinsui Park. A high, long and very thrilling roller slider crosses a big pond in the park, and the tower to climb on the top of the slider looks like a cave offering much fun for the kids.

Walking around the pond and the whole park would be good exercise. In the summer time, an artificial narrow but long play river flows through the park and is a favorite of kids and whole families. More play equipment of various kinds and a large play field offer plenty of fun activities to everyone visiting the park.

20:32 14 Jul , 2024