Display at AEON Mall shows 20 bus routes real time

The Okinawa General Bureau has started a demonstration and experiment of real-time display of 20 bus route services at five places in the premises of AEON Rycom in Kitanakagusuku. The displays will be in place through the end of February.

Officials at the General Bureau say, “We would like to expand the system to other facilities based on the results from AEON Rycom.

The aim of the experiment is to encourage public to use buses in the area and alleviate traffic congestion around the large-scale facility.

In cooperation with AEON Rycom, the Bureau started setting the bus display monitors on Nov. 1. Two of the five monitors are in bus waiting areas where timetables, bus routes, and information leaflets written in five languages are also available.


11:40 15 Apr , 2024