OkiPark Vol.41 Yonashiro Sogo (Comprehensive) Park

Yonashiro Sogo (Comprehensive) Park is located at theYonashiro District of Uruma City. Originally the park was in Yonashiro Town until in 2005 when Yonashiro Town and three other municipaltalities (Katsuren Town, Gushikawa City, and Ishikawa City) decided to form one city called Uruma City.

The park is very close to the Kai-chu Doro (Ocean Road) entrance. It is considered a comprehensive park for the community.

There is an athletic field, a tennis court, basketball court, skateboarding facility, baseball field, and much more.

The standard playground for kids is there as well with the typical long slide, jungle gym, swings etc.


17:35 30 Sep , 2023