OkiPark Vol.44 Urasoe Big Park, Part II

The Urasoe Big Park of Urasoe City is already a very familiar park to many. However, recently it has undergone some renovations with newer equipment and a new play zone added to the park.

The park before was divided into 3 main zones: the Kids’ Play Zone, the Historical Zone, and the Greenly Zone. As alluded to above, the Greenly Zone has been renewed with the installation of additional playground equipment. One more zone has been installed and it is the Infant Play Zone and it is right across the river from the Kids Play Zone. This is a great addition for those who have very small children.

Additionally, throughout the whole park you will find many walking paths surrounded by greenery. There you can feel relaxed as you inhale the nature and small creatures within it.

The Big Park is so big it is like a maze, so please keep an eye on your children. But don’t let that slow you down either, as your children eagerly wait to be set free in this wonderful playland.


19:41 14 Jul , 2024