Kuwanso Daylily in Nakijin is in full bloom

The Kuwasano (daylily) field at Zamami Farm in Unten Nakijin village is now in full bloom and the farm is offering a flower picking experience for visitors. One interesting fact is that the Kuwasano daylily is considered a vegetable on Okinawa and has been eaten for over 200 years!

Kuwanso is a daylily and is one of traditional and important vegetables since Ryukyu Kingdom era. The Kuwasano daylily is believed to make people too sleepy and the name Niibui-gusa in Okinawa dialect actually means “sleepy plant.”

The flower is expected to bloom until end of November.

If you would like to try picking this beautiful local flower at Zamami Farm, the cost is ¥600 per person.

19:51 16 Apr , 2024