Old Katsuren Town ② Hamahiga Island

Hamahiga Island is connected to Henza Island which in turn is connected to the main Okinawa Island. Henza, Miyagi, Ikei islands were part of old Yonashiro Town, but Hamahiga was a part of old Katsuren Town.

The coast on Hamahiga Island of old Katsuren Town, a very scenic point.

Hamahiga Island is considered very sacred. Legend has it that the gods, Shirumichu” and “Amamichu” first set foot on Hamahiga and lived in a cave called “Shirumichuu”.

Feel the spiritual air as you climb the long steps to “Shirumichu

These gods were the first ancient beings of the Ryukyu Islands.

The sacred site of “Shirumichu” is said to bring great fortune for your children.

Inside the cave, a sacred rock exist were the gods are enshrined. Not too far is the “tomb of Amamichu” which is the tomb for both Amamichu and Shirumichu. At the beginning of the year, a local female shaman and the villagers come and pray.

The tomb of “Amamichu” and “Shirumichu”,
gods of the ancient Ryukyu’s.


01:05 28 May , 2024