Old Katsuren Town ④ Tsuken Island

Tsuken Island is a remote island off the coast of Katsuren, and like Hamahiga, was part of old Katsuren Town. Visitors need to take a ferry to the island.

Carrot farms are spread throughout the island of Tsuken.

It is just a 30-minutes ride, but there is a much faster vessel that takes about 15 minutes. Cost range from ¥1220 for adults and ¥610 for kids (round trip) for the regular ferry. There are 5 round trips each day.

Ferry taking you to Tsuken Island; Notice the Carrot characters painted on the ship.

Tsuken Island is famous for its carrot produce and is sometimes referred to as the “Carrot Island”. While you are there, you may notice some iconic figures shaped like a carrot spread throughout the island.

An observatory dressed as a carrot is one of many symbols found on the “Carrot” Island.

It is rather quiet island; not even having one traffic light. The island’s circumference is about 8km with about 500 people living there. It has two popular beaches, Tumai and Yajiri.

The island has many iconic symbols mimicking carrots.

17:12 21 Apr , 2024