13th Sea Art Festival at Kaichu Doro

Sunday brings something special to Kaichu Doro in Uruma City.

It’s the long road crossing from Yonashiro to Henza Island, and it’s often called a “Road on the Ocean” with a spectacular view of the ocean, the huge tidelands and the log road. There’s also the Kaichu-Doro Sea Station, complete with rest area and parking lot, a sea culture museum and kiosks about halfway between Yonashiro and Henza.

That’s what the 13th Sea Art Festival is all about this weekend, complete with a contest where participants or teams will create an original art work involving the ocean or the beach. Top prize art work will be the design for next year’s image of the festival.

This year’s festival theme is education on the environment, showing how much fun it is to play in the tidelands, and to promote Uruma. Anyone interested in participating can call (098) 978-8831 by Friday. Entry is limited to the first 30 teams. To participate, organizers must identify the team, team representative and team members, and a brief introduction of the team.

The festival Sunday will feature HY, a famous Okinawan pop band, and the Yonashiro Elementary School brass band. Other performers are also being planned.


15:22 29 May , 2024