And this week’s winner is…

Mother and daughter Heather and Isabella Zook were the winner of this week’s Japan Update raffle, and they will have a free one-night stay at Okinawa Pacific Hotel in Naha, courtesy of Okinawa Tourland Hotel Bookings website at are from Jasonville, Indiana, and moved to Okinawa seven months ago. They are scheduled to move on in Feb. 2015.Both agree that they love their stay on the island. “There are so many amazing parks and other beautiful sites to see, not to mention all the white beaches,” Heather says, adding “We have also kind of grown fond of Okinawa Soba that is our favorite local food.”

As for future plans, Heather says that while staying in Japan, she and her family are planning to visit Tokyo and Kyoto in the mainland. On Okinawa they are planning a trek to the falls in the north, and “of course, see more beaches.”

“We also love to visit as many local cultural events and festivals as possible,” she concludes.

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00:18 21 May , 2024