The47th  Annual Okinawa Industry Festival

The 47th  Annual Okinawa Industry Festival, which showcases many products made in Okinawa will open its doors in Onoyama Park and the Okinawa Budokan on Friday, October 27th and will run for three days through Sunday, October 29th.

The 47th Annual Okinawa Industrial Festival is expected to be big! Organizers are expecting 200,000+ visitors during the entire three-day exhibition. Additionally, nearly 500 firms and organizations will display exhibits throughout the park, which includes the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan and some of the athletic facilities. Over 2,800 products are expected to be exhibited. Some of these products can be foods made of ingredients found in Okinawa. But it can be other products as well. For example, Okinawan cosmetic products are becoming a more and more popular outside of Okinawa. So, it is of no surprise that officials also see this as an opportunity to promote Okinawa goods across Asia.

Check out the 42nd Okinawa Industry Festival and find your favorite product; October 19th-21st.

The first Okinawa Industrial Festival took place in 1977. This was aimed to stimulate the economy after the recession that had ensued after the debut of the Okinawa International Ocean Expo. Okinawan industries, which included agriculture, manufacturing, and service-related businesses joined to help promote local items to the world.

Today, the festival not only gathers Okinawan-wide industries, but also government agencies, academic communities, and universities. All this is done to promote commerce, from small, middle, to large business enterprises.

To get an idea what this fair means, an organizer was quoted saying, “It pleases us to hear when new products are sold or when visitors give us feedback on what they found interesting or what they look forward to see the next time. This feedback is rewarding, as it demonstrates that our hard effort was worthwhile. So we hope more exhibitors will join the festival to show off their great products to the world. ”

The festival goes on from Friday, October 27th to Sunday October 29th and runs from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. each of the three days.


00:11 26 Jun , 2024