Yuirail monorail marks 9th anniversary

It was a somewhat low key celebration this week as Okinawa Urban Monorail Company held its “Yui-rail de Naha Machi-maii” marking the ninth year of operations in Naha City.

Some 70 parents and children were involved in the event, learning about both the history of Naha City and the specific features of districts along the monorail route.The participants began at the Naha Airport Station, with a Naha Machi-maai guide explaining features as the two-car train moved along the route.

The guide explained “Here was so called ‘Wonder One Mile’” at Kokusai Street, then introducing visitors to the history of Shuri Castle. At the end of the several hours event, participants were given opportunities to try on uniforms of Yui-rail crew members at the Shuri Monorail Station.

03:42 24 Apr , 2024