And this week’s winner is…

Julie C. Valladolid is the winner of this week’s Japan Update raffle. Her win gives her a ticket to Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum’s on-going exhibition on things that people regard scary, and also scientifically explains the psychology and reasons behind those feelings.

Julie is from Wisconsin, from a place she calls a very small town. She has lived on Okinawa about four months, and is scheduled to stay until April 2014. She says that her life on the island has been wonderful. “The culture here is beautiful, and all the people here are so nice and friendly,” she says.

After arriving she has found a passion. “I am not sure why, but as soon as I tasted Blue Seal ice cream for the fist time, I have been determined to try all the different flavors they have,” she confesses.

Despite having been here only a short time she says that she has traveled up and down the island trying to visit as many interesting places as possible. And she wants so see more. “I am really looking forward to visiting the smaller islands off Okinawa while I am here,” she says.

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11:44 04 Mar , 2024