Blue Lagoon Festival focuses on ocean and music

The Blue Lagoon Festival coming up next weekend is the eighth annual occurrence for the outdoor music event in Nago City.

The festival runs September 29th and 30th, with doors opening at 11 a.m. each day, with the festivities beginning at 1 p.m.  The concert and activities run until about 9 p.m. at the Nago 21st Century Forest Park. Admission is ¥3,500 each day for advance tickets, or a two-day ticket is ¥6,000.  Day tickets at the door are ¥4,000.

The event is an ocean and music festival with activities centering on live music, workshops, marine activities and beach cleaning in the northern part of Okinawa mainland, at face on the beautiful ocean place.  Blue Lagoon Fest has been held on the last weekend of September every year as the end of the summer season festival since 2005, and more than 100 groups of top musicians with broad genres from Okinawa and the Japan mainland such as Keison, Caravan, Tomohiro Higashida, Chitose Hajime, Special Others, ThaBlueHerb, Moomin, Keyco, Spinna B-ILL, Rickie-G, U-dou & Platy having performed in the event.

This year’s band lineup includes Special Others, Caravan, Soil&”PIMP”sessions, UA, Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi, PUSHIM, Moomin, Keyco, Rickie-G, SpinnaB-ill, Keison, Albatrus, Nabowa, Dragon 76, Gravityfree, and Tomio performing.

Blue Lagoon Fest looks for opportunities that tell of nature and the ocean with feelings of splendor of nature through a lot of visitor experiences, marine activity and live music facing the ocean and the sky of Okinawa.

Ocean Life Park ~ the seaside area that lets visitors feel, enjoy and learn the ocean ~ Besides music live, Blue Lagoon Fest this year will establish four areas named “Ocean Life Park” such as handicraft market area, marine activity area, workshop & talk area and brand shop area on theme of “Feel, Enjoy and Learn the ocean”.  Organizers say it is the opportunity to carry out marine activity area such as experience of sea kayak and Sabani, and workshops using pieces of coral and shells that were picked up from the beach.

In the brand shop area’s exhibition for enjoying the ocean by a lot of outdoor and apparel brands, there are a lot of goods not normally available in Okinawa by  a lot of companies and groups that do not have branches in Okinawa. They’ll be established as a handicraft market by a lot of young creators from Okinawa.  Besides that, through “beach clean activity” that was held each year and “Zero-garbage activity” using recycle cups and dishes, Blue Lagoon fest aims to promote thought about environment problems.

In the Marine Activity Area, opportunities about to experiment with Sea kayaks, stand up paddle trying, experience Sabani boat riding, and experience beach trekking.  Visiting the Workshop & Talk area there are opportunities to participate in Sunset critic, Masayuki Arai’s workshop, the ocean school by Shinpei Horiguchi, Sea bone art and more.

At the Brand shop area, available for purchase will be Natural American Sprits, Billabong, Rip Curl, Logos and more.  The  Handmade market is a handmade market by creators from Okinawa.

23:44 27 Feb , 2024