Golden Kings to take on Korean league champions

The Ryukyu Golden Kings are ready to face another championship basketball squad, the Anyang KGC, on their home court in Okinawa Convention Center Gym, on Sunday, which will go ahead as scheduled, organizers said Friday afternoon.  The teams were scheduled to face off also on Saturday, but typhoon Jalawat forced the cancellation of Saturday’s match.

The Basketball Japan League champions greet the Anyang KGC, champions of the Korea Basketball League last season, in front of the home fans.

Lee Sang-Beom, the head coach for Anyang KGC, visited Okinawa for nearly a week earlier this month.  It was his first trip to Okinawa, although he’s been a frequent visitor to mainland Japan.  The team returned to Okinawa Sep. 26 to conduct some mini-training before the match against the Golden Kings.  Anyang KGC earlier this fall beat the Japan Varsity squad 84-62 during the Jones Cup held in Taiwan.  The tough Japan Varsity put up a difficult defensive match, drawing attention to the Golden Kings what to look out for against the Korean team.

Playing for the Anyang KGC is the Korean Basketball League’s Most Valuable Player, Oh Se-keun.  He missed the game against the Japan Varsity because of an injury, but is expected to be suited up for the contest against the Golden Kings.

Okinawa says it’s ready for the match, prepared to be more aggressive than last season, or even against the Akita Northern Happinets during an exhibition match last week. The Kings applied a new style of concentration against the Happinets, scoring 60 points in the latter part of their second contest.  Spectators got a fresh look at the “new” Golden Kings, who came out with an explosive attack and a stringent defense.  It’s a marked change from last year’s largely defensive style.

With the top teams of Japan and Korea pitted against each other, fans can count on an exciting and great match.

11:19 21 Feb , 2024