Japan, U.S. agree: Osprey crash ‘human error’

Japanese experts are agreeing with the United States that the fatal crash of a MV-22 Osprey in April was caused by human error.

The MV-22 that crashed in Morocco killed servicemen, but the official investigation has ruled the cause was not mechanical. Japan Defense Ministry officials say they concur with the U.S. investigation findings that attributed the crash to errors made by the pilots.

Japan’s Defense Minister, Satoshi Morimoto, is visiting Okinawa this week to explain the results of Japan’s own investigation into the crash. He will solicit support from senior local officials for permitting Osprey flights in Japan.

The Japanese government had decided to conduct its own assessment of the MV-22 Osprey crash after strong opposition arose to the tilt-rotor transport plane’s deployment to Okinawa’s Futenma Marine Corps Air Station. Currently, 12 Osprey aircraft are at Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture for test flights before being posted to Okinawa.

10:11 04 Mar , 2024