Prefectural Police stage drunk driving crack down

Nearly 250 Okinawa Prefectural Police officers were involved in an “Okinawa Prefectural Simultaneous Drunk Driving Crack Down” across all districts of the island, nabbing not only drunk drivers, but also more than 235 other offenses.

The overnight crackdown Friday night into Saturday brought checkpoints at 31 locations, including Highway 58, and in numerous bar districts.  Five drunk drivers were discovered.

In addition to drinking and driving busts, a total of 167 other violators were cited, including 24 cases of speeding, nine cases of ignoring traffic signals, and 111 cases of driving while using a cell phone.  One driver was warned because of the smell of alcohol, although the breath analyzer showed he was not over the legal limit.

09:40 05 Mar , 2024