Suspected bomb parts found at Tonaki Island

Investigators aren’t exactly sure what they’ve found, but at first glance, objects found about 400-500 meters from Tonaki Island are parts of an American training bomb.

A resident first found the objects scattered around, outside a U.S. Forces water training area. An inscription “MK2 FIN” was stamped on one of the objects, and there is a two-meter diameter hole close to the site An official says it’s possible the objects are a low resistance normal bomb MK82.

The discovery site was near Irisuna Island, site of a U.S. Forces Irisuna Island Firing and Bomb Exercise area. Tonaki Village mayor Akira Uehara points out it’s possible the entire bunch of pieces are part of an accidental bombing outside the exercise area. Lettering “MAU169H/B” is written on some of the objects, leading observers to the thought they are parts changing a normal bomb into a guided weapon by attaching them to a conventional bomb.

The letters NAV AIR show the U.S. Navy flight division checked, so the bomb is believed to have been airdropped by a U.S. Navy aircraft. A member of a citizens’ group watching U.S. Forces, Rimpiece Watarou Rai, says “that may be a dummy bomb or a bomb misfire, and it’s possible it was accidentally dropped on the way to Irisuna Island.

Two members of the Okinawa Defense Bureau have visited the site and inspected the venue with the Village Mayor, and with people from the fishermen’s cooperative association.

23:08 27 Feb , 2024