Tomarin Fest salutes seven secluded islands

Tomarin is a place very familiar to Okinawan residents and tourists who like Okinawa and spend time commuting to outlying isolated islands.

It’s festival time now, with the Tomarin Fest focus to seven isolated islands that depart and arrive in Tomari port ferry terminal, the entrance of isolated islands such as Tokashiki, Zamami, Aguni, Tonaki, Kumejima, Minami-Daitou, Kita-Daitou. The upcoming festival has on tap projects such as “selling special products from each isolated island”, “introducing of traditional performance art” and “entertainment competition between each isolated island” that leader or group from each island introduce the seven isolated islands’ charms by entertainment.

Okinawan dramatic performances and kids’ Eisa dance performance will be on stage, along with , Hawaiian hula, street performance, Jazz Band performance, and live stage by famous bands. “Ship” is the community on the ocean linking between people and islands, so this festival is called “Friend Ship”.

Tomarin Fest is promoting interaction between each isolated island centering on Tomari port (Tomarin) and promoting and supporting of new area resources by introducing isolated islands’ charm that have their original history, tradition and the performing arts. The promotion throughout the fest collects energy from the islands’ charm and islands’ residents so the event will promote schools in the area, enterprises, and groups residents’ association, ladies’ association, children’s association and senior citizens’ association.

Programs begin on Wednesday, September 19th at the Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha, 6th Floor Nirai Kanai Hall, with Okinawan dramatic performance, Watanji-Monogatari. Tickets are adult ¥1,000 in advance, or ¥1,200 at door, kids ¥600 in advance, or kids ¥800 at door. Friday, September 21st opening ceremony performance by the Oroku High School Marching Band is at 5:30 p.m.

14:43 04 Mar , 2024