16-year-old heists ¥14 million in gold and jewelry from apartment

An Okinawa City teenager is under arrest, charged with stealing precious metals, including rings and necklaces, valued at more than ¥14 million from an apartment building.

The 16-year-old has confessed to the theft, which took place during the evening hours of July 27th.  The boy admitted breaking into the apartment building and stealing the gems, jewelry and precious metals.  More than 90 items were stolen.

Okinawa Police had been searching for the boy for quite a  while before they got a lead on his whereabouts.  The boy walked into a police station Sunday on his own accord and began talking.  Police say their investigation is continuing because they don’t know the whereabouts of the stolen goods, which the boy has not told them about.  The boy did not have any of the stolen goods on his person when he showed up at the police station.

  • Kujo2

    Looks as though it’s not just Americans who need more discipline!

09:03 30 May , 2024