Africa a theme for Nanjo City Festival

Travel to the African continent is a part of this Saturday’s Nanjo City Festival, complete with a chance to see a special learning movie.

The event taking place at Sugar Hall in Nanjo City from 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. is part of the international friendship promotion and introduction to foreign national cultures the festival strives to accomplish.  Nanjo City calls it “local development with intercommunion and understanding of citizens.”

The movie ‘The First Grader’ is being shown, a movie with the theme of “learning” about Africa.  An organizer says he hopes participants will think of “Learn” with watching the movie.  He’s invited university students to join in.  Nanjo City introduces Africa with an experience-style event.  This is the city’s fourth year with the anniversary annexation.

Group Afrikasia is behind the African Festival in Nanjo.

Nanjo City is encouraging everyone from youngster to adult to participate in the festival, which includes the movie, booths with African food and drinks, and an African dance show. There’s also a booth selling African fair trade items, and an area where people can give playing African style games a try.  The resident ambassador to Kenya will participate along with JICA.  There will be picture panel exhibitions about Kenya designed to educate the public about sightseeing in the African nation.

10:59 05 Mar , 2024